Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nature is Bullshit

Nature sucks. It's meaningless, it has no rhyme or reason. Those who think the sound of the birds chirping amongst the tulips on a sunny spring morning is the glorious handy work of a loving designer are delusional. Fact is, tulips are nothing but giant sex advertisements, and the birds are chirping because they are fighting over sex and food. Fruit tastes good because thats how plants get their seeds spread. The fact is that all people really want is to be better than others. The easiest way to put your friends in a good mood is to tell them your misfortunes. The easiest way to get them in a state of self doubt and anxiety is to tell them that you just made lots of money. The solution to all this is simply inventing a god. This way, you can make unsuccess seem successful.

Nothing is as it appears, and truth is in inimical opposition to human well-being. This leaves us with a question- do we want to be happy or know the truth? Of course, many will say that they are happy despite the nature of the world, but invariably when you talk to them, they are trapped in a mythic belief system which involves self-deception. The more I learn about the nature of the world, the less likely it seems to me that there could possibly be anything meaningful about any of this experience. No god, no souls, no purpose. No free will, no true ingenuous human actions under the sun which do not involve some sort of secret darwinian scam.

On top of that, I'm tired of studying for my exams. I'm tired of seeing shit like this:

Praise Jesus!

And let me just insist on this Easter Sunday, that there isn't a god of any sort, and no human soul. Altruism is no more than a darwinian power tool. The universe is worse than a tragedy.

Eat drink and be merry.

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