Monday, April 10, 2006

Surely you're Joking Mr. President

If you ever want to read an extraordinary and entertaining book, check out Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman, Adventures of a Curious Character.

The word "genius" is bandied around loosely these days. I've always thought it interesting how 50% of the people you poll claim to have an I.Q. in the upper 95% of the world. Ive come to believe that a normal healthy person with dead average intelligence (for a normal healthy person) should score about 120 on a standard I.Q. test. So it's not surprising that virtually every normal healthy person I know claims to have a gifted level I.Q. I guess this means they can tie their shoes or maybe do their own taxes. "Gifted" is average, lets
all get over it, we're not all that bright, we're just surrounded by people who have deficiencies. Due to the Flynn effect, I.Q. tests and scores are virtually meaningless. If any of us took an I.Q. test from 50 years ago, we would score in the mega-genius category. Always remember that there are people vastly more intelligent than you are, who believe in virgin births and crop circles. So even if you're just an average gifted person, you may still be much more intelligent than people who solve puzzles better than you, but believe in crop circles and virgin births.

But this Richard Feynman is like Da Vinci reincarnated, a true renaissance man. His stories are entertaining and amazing. Here's a little snippet of him I saw today-

--The above woman "only" has an I.Q. of 120. Pat Robertson's is higher, I'm sure. Go figure. Yet another reason there can't possibly be a God.

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