Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bush Hires Fellow Echohead to Bellow Bullshit

Profoundly brain washed talk show Bullshitter "Tony Snow" has been hired as press secretary for his extraordinary ability to hold staunch opinions in the face of glaring evidence. I started listening to talk radio after 9/11 pretty much for the first time. I wanted to know more about what was going on, and quite literally, the *only* radio stations that come in on the AM dial are right wing talk show propaganda stations, even in this blue state of Washington. I was hooked like a school boy sneaking into a titty bar. My gut reaction was that the shows I was listening to were jokes. They were like Jerry Springer or COPS, where people just watch to get a kick out of the fact that there are other people more screwed up than they are. People don't actually *believe* this horse-shit do they? But then I realized...they do. Oh my. People like this Tony Snow for instance, not necessarily one of the more absurd free-will-less fools I would listen to, but absurd nonetheless. Get a load of this exercise in creative imagination. Can anything spinning be spun more than this? :

Tony Snow-Job Quote:

"Evolutionary theory, like ID, isn't verifiable or testable. It's pure hypothesis -- like ID -- although very popular in the scientific community. Its limits help illuminate the fact that hypotheses are only as durable as the evidence that supports them."

To anyone familiar with basic biological science this is like saying the earth is flat. This is flat insane. It makes you wonder, if people can be in denial or distort reality to this disagree, what else are they capable of? What manner of free will is it possible for someone like this to possess?


Anonymous said...

I'm actually excited about this Aaron. To see a Foxie operate without the benefit of commercial breaks and the fundamental right to shout people down. This should be good. At least the press core won't have a bumbling buffoon to smack around. This guy will try to protect his cred and it'll be wonderful watching him squirm.

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

I almost felt sorry for bush during Colbert's speach. I also felt sorry for Bush when I heard about Tony Snow- someone who had criticized him in the past. Bush is trying like hell merely to break even with his presidency. He looks like he's aged 2 decades in 8 years, even with the make-up.