Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Future of Televangelism

Christian fundamentalism is decreasing gradually in the country. It is even decreasing in the black community in which over 60% are Christians. As the black community increases in wealth, they move away from Christianity. Even watching black church sermons, you will notice that almost all of them are rants about prosperity. They typically follow the following progression:

1.) Pastor says that the reason his congregation is not wealthy and happy all the time is because they are not doing enough of such and such.

2.) Pastor implies that there is a cause and effect between actions and happiness and prosperity.

-- Fastforward one week--

3.) Pastor does a sermon explaining spiritual riches and how all that glitters is not gold.

4.) Next week, pastor explains how if everyone just did this or that they would have more financial prosperity...

Its a never ending absurd circle. The solution is to just get some money and then lose the faith altogether because once you can save that 10% and invest it will do more than ceaseless prayer to solve your money woes. You might even be able to afford that new X360 and a subscription to internet porn.

So what happens when the black church fades away? What will be left?

I bring you, the future of televangelism

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