Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Another one bites the dust. Ted Haggard, possibility the highest of the highest up Christians in America has resigned after allegations that he paid a male prostitute to have sex with him regularly for 3 years.

In a way I feel elated. That the lying bastards get caught. But there is also an overpowering sadness. I feel sorry for the man living such a profound lie. I even feel sorry for the thousands of duped parishoners living their lie.

Haggart speaks to president Bush on the phone every monday morning. Wonder what they prophecy? Does Haggard influence foreign policy based on bible prophecy?

Here's a pissed off Richard Dawkins, watching a sermon by Haggard in his state of the art mega-church. I can read Richard's mind here- "All this hard work I've done all my life, all this data we've collected and dissected, this insurmountable testament to the beauty of the workings of nature.. all trumped by this clown spouting his nonsense to people who don't know enough to even question." As Dawkins gets older, he must realize even moreso than I have that a worldview based on sober educated reason is always merely an aristocrats high parlor game, nothing more. No more significant than an interactive game of Sodoku or the annual Linares Chess tournement. No more influential on the masses than Tiddley Winks.

It is a wonder of wonders that so many of these preachers are gay. If they just wanted heterosexual sex because they felt unfulfilled it would be different. How could anyone read Leviticus and come away feeling safe for being gay..let alone the nations highest ranking Christian leader?

If this isn't curtains for these guys and their integrity what is? But I've said this before. Unfortunately, there is no amount of evidence or persuasion that would change these people's outlooks. But maybe it will keep some of their asses out of the polls on Tuesday.

Addendum: "Jones also said Haggard snorted methamphetamine before their sexual encounters to heighten his experience."

"Jones said he has voice mail messages from Haggard, as well as an envelope he said Haggard used to mail him cash, though he declined to make any of it available to the AP."

"There's some stuff on there (the voice mails) that's pretty damning," he said.

And imagine the devilish little person who came up with this title for their coverage:

Evangelical leader quits amid sex probe


VTPOET said...


You beat me to it.

I feel *sooooooo* vindicated.

Look at the dartboard if you want to know what the skeleton in the closet looks like.

Aaron said...

The followers are undaunted, at least they say they are. Haggard claims he only got a massage.. tch, so he is lying as well. If he wanted a massage, why not get one from ANYONE other than a male escort? According to the interviews with some of his followers, it sounds like many of them don't even believe it.

VTPOET said...

It's all a liberal plot.

I don't listen to Limbaugh, but I'm sure the hypocrite is already blaming all this on a gay, liberal ply.

What do we expect from his followers anyway? They have to be utterly irrational to be there to begin with. Why would we expect them to suddenly be rational now?

It's too much to ask from sheep.