Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hodgepodge of Happenings

I've got so much I wanted to write, but everyone's seen it all by now.

Isn't it interesting how the media constructs the dialogue so willy nilly? Unfortunately, I agree with the republicans that this election is not an indication that the country has turned away from emotion-based anti-intellectual faithism as it's source of direction. It was merely fed up with the war. And there's a good chance that the republicans will come back even stronger next go around. What's so entertaining is watching people jump the Titanic. Everybody is pointing at the GOP and saying "I'm not with stupid", or "Im a conservative...the republicans abandoned me". Ahh bullshit.

The garbage being bandied around is absolutely stunning in it's hilarity. Rush Limbaugh basically admitted that he had been bullshitting his audience saying -I'm tired of carrying water for these guys...but the stakes are so high [I'm willing to lie to you all and say things I don't even believe to protect my party because I am a free will-less automaton]. He's been doing it for years for Christ's sake. Funny, I had just got done telling my friend who is a Limbaugh worshipper that he was a lying automaton. He stringently disagreed, then 2 days later Rush gets on the air post-election and basically admits that he would defend his party right or wrong. Even if he believes in global warming for instance, he'll find a way to pretend it's not true if it helps his people get elected. What a prick.

I saw the movie "Borat". Not as funny as the hype, unless you're 17. Childish humor, but some parts had me crying laughing. The social commentary I found mainly directed towards what Ken Wilber calls "the mean green meme" which is where people are so reflexively inclusive that they are willing to take people who are grossly destructive and backwards and accept them with open arms, defending them. This inclusivity meme reaches it's highest danger in its allowance of extreme religion to go unchallenged in society. France and England will be pushed to the edge eventual by Muslim extremists because they are overly tolerant of insane belief systems. As Sam Harris says - the idea that Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked by extremists is delusional. Liberal hyperinclusive green-memers don't understand that these people *actually* believe in their religions and they are incompatible with a functioning society. Something has to give, and will.

As for Borat, he is a homophobic, sexist, ethnocentric, self-centered, egomaniacal pervert and you've got to see the highclass dinner party where they accommodate his insults until they finally snap. His jaunt across America is hilarious, especially when he sings his national anthem at a rodeo and visits an evangelical church in Texas. Worth a look for sure. Rent it.


NEWS- the Jesus Camp, of the movie fame has closed down for "several years" due to outrage and fear of retaliation.

Can this possibly be a good thing?

I am studying Daniel Dennett's book "Darwin's Dangerous Idea". I want to get a deeper understanding of evolution so I can better elucidate my ideas. One thing Dennett said when discussing the faithful versus the scientifically inquisitive- if your spouse was cheating on you, why would you want to know?

Dennet almost died recently from a dissecting aortic aneurysm I was saddened to learn. But his mind is intact. He wrote this extraordinary piece of writing after the incident.

And in our final note of hillarity concerning Pastor Ted Haggard's inconceivable duplicity and incongruity (the official mascot of this blog), James Dobson and a group of councelors were engaged in practice called "restoration" in which they were attempting to cure Ted Haggard of his gayness.

Dobson left the group citing that he didn't have enough time for such a "critical" responsibility. Can anyone imagine a collection of jackasses more thick than these guys.

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