Saturday, November 18, 2006

Magical Thinking Glasses

Deepak wrote a piece on Huffpo against Richard Dawkins using a straw man argument. Here is my comment:

Any discussion of the topic of Wisdom, Spirituality, Religion, Altruism, and Love which does not acknowledge and give credence to biological evolution and the arbitrary nature of how these qualities arose naturally, is self-deception. Intentional head-in-the-sand self deception. Evolution is the universal acid. Human beings are natural born liars. Our brains and nervous systems are designed by nature to self-deceive, compete, manipulate and conquer. Even spiritual people are competing constantly over who is more loving, caring, and altruistic. There may be no better way to display one's dominance over another than to give and provide to them. Spirituality is all just as duplicitous and secretly power mongering as the most blatant of Darwinian motivations, it is merely one of natures more ingenious scams.

Deepockets Chopra is a biotheist- a position just as radically asinine and contrary to evidence as young earth creationism. He observes the world through a lens which is intentionally blinded from the findings of evolutionary biology. He invents his own way of seeing as divorced from intellectual honesty as a talk radio spinmeister. His reasoning is perfectly circular in that he "chooses" his way of seeing based on wisdom and love and other emotional qualities, rather than observing the evidence available in the natural world in it's entirety first and then developing a world-view. It's funny that the new age community harps on over the dichotomy of fear and love, when it is stark cold fear which prevents them from acknowledging the universal acid of biological evolution through natural selection which is utterly devastating to their views, and which they scarecely understand or are willing to even try to understand.

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