Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Dick/Pussy algorithm

I just read the Dawkins debate. It just amazes me that Francis Collins (or anyone) is a Christian. But he got Dawkins pretty good on the universal constants (thats where I am still somewhat sympathetic to the God hypothesis). The problem is, we know that all of our religions are not only totally false, but unproductive, and even morally deranged. I am sure that Dawkins is correct about the origin of morality. It has nothing to do at all with souls, "the Light", a universal good, a benevolent force, or any NDE-esque concept at all. I have thought about evolution in nature since I was a child (denying what I knew in my religious years) and I can find no room for religious faith in nature. Humanity is perfectly incapable of acknowledging the most obvious explanation- namely that even our very souls are puppets for genetic replicators.

One religious guy made a great point against atheist's duplicity by noting that in one minute atheists can say how meaningless and blind nature is and in the next point out how grandiose and wonderful it is. Very true! Nature is grandiosely FUCKING sick! Beyond all imagination it is reviling and repulsive to behold when one really grasps the blindness of the process. The beauty of design came with incomprehensible suffering, and even the human concept of "beauty" is patently meaningless as far as nature is concerned. Beauty is just an algorithm in the reward and suffering scheme that DNA uses to replicate itself.

I agree with Dawkins in that the mystery of everything coming into existence without a God is no more mysterious than everything coming into existence with a God, and since nature is a patently mindless process designed as an unwinnable reward and suffering game which leads invariably to suffering and delusion and absolutely nowhere meaningful (I consider even the most noble of human promptings to be duplicitious incongruent lies to their very core.. eg Oprah Winfrey).

I can never understand why Dawkins is so humanistic. I agree with John Grey (Straw Dogs) that humanism is really just the new Christianity dressed up for a post Christian world. Humanism the way it is popularly conceived is every bit as superstitious as Christianity (even though as I say again and again... I am willing to pretend that the urging for human nobility is not a selfish lie invented by the gene replication process.. even though it is just as "beautiful" and morally driven as an anal gang bang scene in a midget porno).

I truly am a nihilist at the end of the day. I think the very kernel of our existence is bogusness. The implications of natural selection are too harmful for even Richard Dawkins to take- who uses the grandeur of science as his spiritual manna. Even the experience of grandeur is an illusion itself.

Looking back at our most adept of spiritual heros the world over, I KNOW without a shadow of any doubt that these people were more delusional and deeply misled about the nature of the univere and life than say, Corky from "Life Goes On". None of their efforts to be noble and God-filled got them anywhere at all but deep into the depths of ignorance and delusion. What sort of God would it be who demanded delusion and ignorance to reach Him? The only reasonable conclusion is that all human spirituality is false and merely body driven (an idea which has come to seem blatantly obvious to me in recent years especially after looking into the new neuroscience and finally having enough of the NDE to pull the Wiz's curtain out of my eyes). Of course, religions espousing a personal deity (the one's with all the followers) are even more profoundly and embarrassingly sick and worthless. It seems that seeking God, even if there is one, leads one further from God than not seeking God.

And life is not about learning lessons. Lets get that much straight. Nobody is learning jack shit. If the Dalai Lama doesn't acknowledge basic science (he is self-admittedly closed to the possibility of consciousness extinguishment at death and therefore intellectually disingenuous), then he isn't learning anything but how to lie to himself.

The only lesson I have learned is that all aspects of human spirituality are bullshit social ploys ingrained in our biology by a cunning yet unconscious dick/pussy reward/punishment algorithm. It's so obvious.

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